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CARIAD CWANTWM (ankst141) Geraint Jarman’s new album

REL.DATE FRIDAY 27th JULY 2018 ( CD/Digital)

Ankstmusik are proud to announce the release of Cariad Cwantwm (Quantum Love), album number seventeen by Welsh legend Geraint Jarman in time for Summer 2018 and announce live dates at the annual National Eisteddfod in Cardiff and beyond for Geraint and his band.

For the first time in his career Geraint has decided to record an album comprised only of reggae tracks. This is an obvious (if overdue) decision for an artist who has regularily used reggae rhythms in his songs since the mid seventies. Geraint has used reggae’s radical ability to deal directly with social consciousness issues in many of his most political, spiritual and personal songs to share messages with his audience up and down the country and this new album brings this side of his work to the fore. On songs such as ‘Losing your Rhythm’, Mabinogi Burgers, O Precious Life, Revolt and Revolutionary Dream’ he adresses modern society’s ongoing existential crises head-on ‘it’s hard to move with the beat, when you’ve lost your rhythm’ / ‘The Welsh are singing in their free ghettos’

Reggae’s more commerical,light, loving and joyful sides can be also be heard on the singles Addewidion(Promises) which lovingly recreates a bittersweet breakdown in a lovers rock style, whilst Troedio (Amblin) is a whistling ode to the joys of city living and attests to the continuing power the sounds,rhythms and people of Cardiff have on Geraint and his work.

It is hard to process the fact that it will be forty years since Geraint recorded and released his Welsh lanuage rock masterpiece Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau and insired whole generations of young rockers to become Wales’s future. Even harder is being able to assess and process all the artistic highs in a career as musician, poet, writer, producer and director that now spans over half a century. All we know is that this latest release enhances and comments on this unique legacy, and with live shows being announced in support of the relase this journey is far from over.

Over the last seven years Geraint has created four solo albums of wide ranging scope and style with his band, trusted producer Frank Naughton and choice collaborators like Gareth Bonello, Griff Lynch and Peredur ap Gwynedd which make it clear that he is in the middle of an astonishingly creative rebirth that is flourishing and on-going. Cariad Cwantwm is a forward looking album full of love and anger that will finds its rightful place soundtracking our upcoming hot and heady Summer.

Read more about the album here
Purchase the CD here

6 July single Addewidion (ankst142)
7 July Gwyl Nol a Mlaen, Llangrannog
27 July single Troedio (ankst143)
27 July albym Cariad Cwantwm (ankst141)
7 August Eisteddfod Genedlaethol,Canolfan Mileniwm
11 August Clwb Ifor Bach,Caerdydd
9 November Canolfan y Celfyddydau, Aberystwyth
10 November Pontio, Bangor

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New Album – GERAINT JARMAN – Tawel yw’r Tymor

TITLE – TAWEL YW’R TYMOR (Quiet is the Season)
DATE – JULY 22 2016

Tywel yw'r Tymor Jarman blaen

‘Edrycha yn nol trwy’r cychwyn pell, roedd y daith yn fwy na digon’ – Fi yw’r Ffwl

It is with great pride and excitement that Ankst Musik Records announce that in 2016 Geraint Jarman will release his new album ‘Tawel Yw’r Tymor’ (Quiet is the Season), his sixteenth album release – exactly forty years on from the 1976 release of his debut abum ‘Gobaith Mawr y Ganrif’ (Saviour of the Century.)
Irony aside, history has proved this debut to have been no idle boast, as once he got into his stride with a touring band Y Cynganeddwyr (The Poets) modernity finally arrived in the Welsh language rock culture and with it came a golden period as Welsh music finally became alive and vital. Rock, new wave, reggae, dub and country rock were all present and correct on a brilliant series of albums he released on labels such as Sain and Ankst. It is generally accepted that few can match Geraint Jarman’s immense and continuing effect and influence on Welsh language music over the past half a century. As a highly original composer, poet, performer and television producer he has had a defining effect on every decade of the story of Welsh language youth culture and his scheduled appearance on the main stage at Festival Number 6 later this year is testament to his continuing relevance.
New collection Tawel Yw’r Tymor sees Jarman breaking new ground yet again. For the first time in his career he has scaled down his music to the barest minimum – Song and voice dominate, and what we hear on the album is no drums, no electric instruments, but instead a collection of brilliant, beautiful and beguiling songs woven deep into sparse, atmospheric acoustic arrangements.
This decision to seek out the essential has resulted in possibly one of his most satisfying and greatest albums. He has shaped this collection with folk artist, singer and guitarist Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) and producer Frank Naughton, with vocal contributions from Huw M and Griff Lynch (Yr Ods) and his three daughters Lisa, Hanna and Mared.
The album is undeniably personal, but the voice and lyrics are (as ever) immensely poetic and mysterious– ‘a collage painting, like the ones by Schwitters, a nail, a tram ticket’ – It all seems to be about feelings not facts. Although many of the songs have a basis in reality with references to other singers like Gram Parsons, Cheb Khaled, Salif Keita and (indirectly) Meic Stevens this collection is totally grounded in Geraint’s beautiful singing voice alone. Hearing such a familiar voice in new sonic surroundings offers such a special and rich experience, one that complements the songs in a timeless fashion.

The album will be launched with a concert on Friday 22nd July at St John’s Church Canton, Cardiff.

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DATBLYGU – New LP Porwr Trallod(Tribulation Browser) out December

Title – PORWR TRALLOD (Tribulation Browser)
Out 6.12.2015

December 2015 sees the release, on vinyl, of the first full-length album in twenty two years by the seminal Welsh band, Datblygu. Datblygu have been at the vanguard of Welsh experimental culture since their inception in 1982, and have forever bent Welsh culture out of shape with their startling Welsh language trilogy – Wyau(1988), Pyst(1990) and Libertino(1993). With their latest album Porwr Trallod, (Tribulation Browser) they manage to find the fine balance between the rawness and directness of their early releases with a new and progressive stripped down sound. Datblygu re-emerged with the mini-album Erbyn Hyn (‘By Now’) in 2014 on Ankstmusik Records and performed a critically acclaimed, sold out live performance at experimental Welsh music festival CAM15 at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre, next to the Welsh Assembly Devolved Government building in April this year (a very Datblygu location!)

Over the course of its fourteen tracks, Porwr Trallod sees the male/female essence of a newly energised and legendary musical duo (Pat Morgan, David R Edwards) delve deep into the psyche of Broken Britain with lyrics and sounds ranging from the angry to the serene, via the beautiful. Topically diverse, the album sees a more introspective lilt to the lyrics but in turning their gaze inwards, the band have managed to capture the unease and tension that is currently prevalent.

Porwr Trallod is not just a new chapter in the Datblygu story but a new chapter in progressive, courageous, and bold art creation. Typically the band have rejected a trip to revisit former glories (trilogy and Peel era) and have refused to bask in the appreciative glow of an audience that has finally learnt to play catch up but instead has used this new music and art to once again challenge and provoke (it was always thus!) the audience .You can feel that listening to Datblygu’s music and especially this new album, that the relationship between listener and artist is firmly positioned outside so many accepted norms and clichéd perceptions. David R.Edwards’ insistence on always offering extremely personal lyrics ensures that their music will, paradoxically, continue to succeed in bringing us closer together as we listen to his poetic worldview fused with Pat Morgan’s telepathically sympathetic music. It is good to be reminded how truly special this band is.


1.Bywyd yw popeth,elton (Life Is Everything, Elton)
2.Y llun mawr (The Big Picture)
3.Cyfeillgarwch (Friendship)
4.Ond nawr mae hyn (But Now There’s This)
5.Normalrwydd (Normality)
6.Chwerw (Bitter)
7.Dyddiau o win a chwyn (Days of Wine and Weeds)
8.Hesb (Dry)
9.Llawenydd diweithdra (The Joy Of Unemployment)
10.O dan coed llaethog (Under Milky Trees)
11.Gwallt a phrydferthwch (Hair and Beauty)
12.Difrifoldeb ymhob delwedd (Seriousness In Every Image)
13.Je suis David
14.Y flwyddyn(yn iawn) (The Year (correctly) )

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DATBLYGU remastered compilation/first gig in 20 years

Title – 1985-1995
Artists – Datblygu
Cat No – ANKST138
Rel Date – 1ST May 2015

‘DATBLYGU 1985-1995’ is a brilliant primer collection for any curious music fans eager to hear what is generally regarded as the first truly modern Welsh language band. Famously covered by the Super Furry Animals on their revolutionary MWNG album. This collection includes the original ‘Y Teimlad'(The Feeling) alongside 19 knockout tracks that trace the cultural revolution started by the band in the mid eighties through to their messy demise at the height of ‘Cool Cymru’. The magic of the band lies in the fact that the songs communicate themselves to the listener through the sheer power of David R.Edwards’s powerful vocal style and the band’s uncompromising musicality. Language is not an issue. Marvel as this compilation allows us to hear how they dragged Welsh language music and culture out of the dark and onto ‘The Tube’, through several John Peel Radio Sessions and into the indie charts and all the while influencing generations of Welsh musicians to come.

Included are all the Ankst, Ofn and Anhrefn singles, the complete Christmas album (Blwch Tymer Tymor – Season Temperament Box), rare compilation tracks and an exclusive written introduction by Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys.

1. Y Teimlad
2. Nefoedd Putain Prydain (Cam o’r Tywyllwch-1985 – Recordiau Anhrefn)
3. Hollol, Hollol, Hollol
4. Cyn Symud i Ddim (Gadael yr Ugeinfed Ganrif -1986 – Recordiau Anhrefn)
5. Braidd
6. Casserole Efeilliaid
7. Firws i Frecwast
8. Mynd (Hwgr Grawth-Og – 1986 – Recordiau Anhrefn)
9. Brechdanau Tywod (Dyma’r Rysait – 1988 – Recordiau Ofn)
10. Merch Ty Cyngor (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau – 1990 – Recordiau Ankst)
11. Pop Peth (Pop Peth – 1990 – Recordiau Ofn)
12. Santa a Barbara
13. Sdim Eisiau Esgus
14. Sgorio Dafydd Iwan Dyn Eira
15. Ga i Fod Sion Corn
16. Asid Amino
17. 3 Tabled Doeth ( Blwch Tymer Tymor – 1991 – Recordiau Ankst)
18. Maes E (Maes E – 1992 – Recordiau Ankst)
19. Amnesia
20. Alcohol (Putsch – 1995 – Recordiau Ankst)

To coincide with the appearance of this remastered compilation the band (David R.Edwards and Pat Morgan) will be performing live as part of the CAM Festival in Cardiff on April 25th – this will be their first performance in over 20 years.
Details here –

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New Geraint Jarman Album – ‘Dwyn yr Hogyn Nol’


‘Geraint Jarman shows us why he’s a legend of a scene he helped create. He remains a jerky, wiry performer, with an excellent band mixing over-driven rock guitars, reggae and tuneful punk snarl. When he equates Ethiopia and Cymru, you don’t need to speak his language to know how he feels’ THE INDEPENDENT (Festival No6 Review 2014)

Ankstmusik Records are proud to announce the imminent release of a brand new album from one of Wales’s most respected and influential musical heroes. DWYN YR HOGYN NOL( Bring the Boy Back) by GERAINT JARMAN will go on sale in Wales early December with Shellshock distributing the album nationwide in January. Geraint and his band will be playing live on January 25th at a special album launch celebration over at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

DWYN YR HOGYN NOL contains 13 brand new songs that include deep reggae (Reggae Reggae), alternative rock (Hiraeth am Kylie), affecting acoustic songs (Marianne), classic rock (Be nei di Janis?) and unexpected pop hybrids (Strangetown). The new tracks are a definite advance on the sound of the BRECWAST ASTRONOT album,his previous album which was seen as a comeback on release in 2011 that wowed the criticis and cemented his continuing relevance. On DWYN YR HOGYN NOL Geraint has been fortunate to be able to create music, live and in the studio, with a stable and trusted band that echoes the creative high points reached by his old 70’s/80’s band the Cynganeddwyr (The Poets). Among the magnificent musicians working with Geraint are Peredur ap Gwynedd, Frank Naughton, Pete Hurley, Tim Robinon and Gareth Bonello, with Hana, Mared a Lisa Jarman sharing vocals with their father. As with BRECWAST the album was recorded in Ty Drwg Studios, Cardiff with Frank Naughton co-producing.

This album represents yet another step forward in an incredible career that stretches back to the time of the youthful image that adorns the sleeve artwork and is yet another reminder that although some of the themes on the songs reference the past (1970’s Cardff reggae clubs, youthful 1960’s hopes, 2000’s post millenial confusions) Geraint’s influence and music is definitely felt and belongs in the present culture.
Geraint continues to be a vital artist and anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing him perform with his band in 2014 knows that his voice, creative relevance and natural talent is undimmed and undiminished. A national treasure.

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DATBLYGU – ‘Erbyn Hyn’

REL.DATE – MAY 26th ( DL) / JUNE 7th (CD)
Back in 2012 in the middle of celebrating three decades since Datblygu were formed Pat Morgan and David R.Edwards re-appeared in the middle of the music scene to drop a brand new four track vinyl only e.p.– ‘Darluniau Ogof o’r Unfed Ganrif ar Hugain’(ankst132) on an unsuspecting audience. With this earlier release fully sold out the next chapter in this legendary band’s musical re-emergence is already underway……
Even though the duo promised on the track ‘Lifestyle’ from the ‘Ogof E.P.’ that they would stay at home and relax as they waited for Wales to morph into paradise Pat and David have not spent the intervening months idle at all. Last year they were instrumental in re-releasing the band’s early catalogue of songs on the highly praised double disk compilation Datblygu:Y Tapiau cynnar/The Early Tapes (ankst135), as well as supporting more screenings of the ‘Prosiect Datblygu’ film by Owain Llyr.
We had no right to expect new material so soon from Datblygu so it is with great joy that Ankstmusik Records can announce that a new mini-lp of Datblygu material is about to appear on the label. David and Patricia decided in early 2014 to reconvene and travel down to the Cardiff studios of legendary contemporaries Llwybr Llaethog ( John Griffiths and Kevs Ford ) to set up a one day recording session that would bring into existence the songs that would constitute ‘ERBYN HYN’( ‘BY NOW’)
Once again Datblygu offer a collection of unique songs that startle and unsettle as much as ever. The voice is strong and the simple music is free, playful and spiky providing a natural fit for the words that bite deep in songs such as ‘Dim Achos’, ‘Cerdd(o’r)iaith’ and ‘Can Werin’. The thematic concerns of these new songs will be familiar to long term followers of the poetry of David R.Edwards as love, sex, agriculture, education, incarceration, freedom and sanity reappear in David’s most recent work. The fate of alternative, confrontational and challenging music from Wales is in safe hands once again ….. the story will continue………
There will be a CD launch event held at the Tangled Parrot Record Shop, Carmarthern with David R.Edwards and Pat Morgan in attendance on June the 7th and David will be appearing at the Dinefwr literature festival as one of Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens’ guests as he discusses and reads a selection of his Datblygu lyrics.
1.ACHOS. (affair) 2.DIM ACHOS (no affair). 3. CAN WERIN. (folksong) 4.PWYNT.(point) 5.CERDD(O’R)IAITH.(poem for the language) 6.BYDOLWG.(worldview) 7.PAWB.(everyone) 8.TEIMLAD2. (feeling2)
PATRICIA M. MORGAN :Llais /Offerynnau
DAVID R.EDWARDS : Llais /Offerynnau

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JARMAN live GWYL ARALL Sunday 21 July 2013

To celebrate  GERAINT JARMAN’S upcoming live concert at Caernarvon Castle as part of the  GWYL ARALL festival on Sunday the 21st of July 2013 ANKSTMUSIK are offering the chance for you to buy Geraint’s latest album ‘BRECWAST ASTRONOT’ for only £5 ! We will also include a free copy of the  JARMAN LIVE 1977-981 CD absolutely free with all orders.

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*********IMPORTANT NEWS***************

Due to a serious family illness , Ricard from Spanish Dance Troupe has had to return to Brazil and Spanish Dance Troupe will not be playing on the night .The Kino Ankst will arrange  replacement entertainment**************










The KINO ANKST is an occasional cinema that offers the chance to watch, listen and discuss alternative cinema and listen to new alternative music. The evening at the Blue Sky Café is a chance to see Luis Bunuel’s classic Un Chien Andalou (with a  brand new score by Alan Holmes ) and a selection of other surreal cinema classics. Also Spanish Dance Troupe will perform tracks from their newly released album La Muerte del Amor en Andalucia. An evening of film,music and chat presented by Dr Anna Powell, Emyr Glyn Williams ( Recordiau Ankst Musik ),Laurie Gane (Royal College of Art) and Alan Holmes (Turquosie Coal).

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DATBLYGU – New collection on SPOTIFY/ CELLB Datblygu evening

The DATBLYGU collection 1982-1984-THE EARLY TAPES is now available to listen to for free up on the SPOTIFY music website.

Also there will be  a chance to buy physical copies of the release at a special Datblygu themed evening over at CELLB in Blaenau Ffestiniog on Thursday the 30th of May –


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REL DATE – physical – 10/06/2013 / download ankst shop– 17/05/2013

‘Datblygu formed in January 1982 in reaction to the brain washing music blindly tolerated by those around them’

The words above came from a seventeen year old David R.Edwards as he explained the formation of the most influential of all Welsh bands – DATBLYGU. John Peel favourites with six radio sessions recorded, three thrilling albums – WYAU(1988) / PYST(1990) / LIBERTINO(1993) – that formed the artistic bedrock for the Cool Cymru explosion that went overground in the late nineties and a frontman who came over as an utterly unique Welsh hybrid of Bukowski, Mark E.Smith and Rimbaud.

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