A very special album from ‘out there
‘Brocken Spectre’ out now on Ankst’s reactivated vinyl imprint Atol Records
format – 12″ vinyl L.P. / D.L.
release date – May 1st 2009

Welcome to Annalogue’s debut commercial release Brocken Spectre – a defiant ‘one-off’ that offers the chance to enter the world of an unique musical talent… so sit back and stay untuned… and prime your ears for twelve unique songs – running at 46 minutes spread over two sides of inky black vinyl – with plenty of warped and twinkling guitars, escaping organs, empty radiators, dry biros, melancholy clarinets, smiling harmonicas and rounded basses.
Annalogue’s female voice never fails to snag the ear and drag the listener onto the rocks of some of the strangest music currently available… all composed, played, recorded and produced by one feral entity from calming welsh shores.
Annalogue is a parasol that covers the solo efforts made by Ann Matthews outside her group efforts as guitarist / singer with the noise trio Fflaps (’87 – ’92) and the post-tonal psychonauts Ectogram (’94 onwards). Ann has spent the majority of her extended-misspent-youth playing music – with theatre and dance companies and avant-garde ensembles such as Faust as well as the more untraditional pop groups.
Annalogue remarks that Brocken Spectre was made “for the sheer joy of picking up any instrument, pressing record on anything that records and seeing what happened.”
It’s safe to say that nothing in the universe of normal pop compares to the natural song writing style of Ann’s work and the embroidered multi-layered yet simple arrangements that she weaves around her poetic songs. From the super tough guitar playing on ‘Apron!’ to ‘Corn Curl’s sad, slow flickering tick tock of two rocks being gently tapped to the accompanying Biro that clicks away quietly to itself. The mostly drum-less yet complex music on the album belies the primitive recording technology used to capture these sometimes otherworldly sounding emanations. The album has a hermetically sealed feel that defies easy categorization and fixing it as a work from 2009 yields no easy answers to it’s mysterious qualities which perfectly fit the warm reproductive sound of it’s vinyl only existence. You can experience the almost pop music of ‘Tony Wilson’ alongside the strange shuffle of ‘Eve’s Drop’ as well as sampling the comforting blanket of sound that is ‘Know Your Vessels’ and ‘Cappo Incognito’.