ANKSTMUSIK ar proud to announce the imminent release of the new solo album by GERAINT JARMAN – ‘BRECWAST ASTRONOT’ (ASTRONAUT BREAKFAST) . This 13 track collection of new songs by the most influential,successful and well known contemporary Welsh singer/songwriter is his first full length album since the appearance of SUB NOT USED back in 1998 and is the first album to appear under his name as a solo artist since the album TACSI I’R TYWYLLWCH which appeared in 1977.

The album is already being recognised as one of the strongest collections of songs Geraint has ever put together. As well as the obvious strengths inherent in the songs themselves with a wide range of styles being heard on the album, the roll call of musicians Geraint has amassed for the album sessions down in TY DRWG STUDIOS, Cardiff is truly impressive.

The main musical collaborator on the album is lead guitarist Peredur ap Gwynedd – most well known for being the main guitarist for rock superstars PENDULUM, who spends most of his time these days rocking stadiums all across the world with his flamboyant and energy filled guitar style. On the album his skill and energy can be heard through unforgettable rock riffs ( MISS ASBRI ), and in the emotional and lyrical guitar lines and sounds ( PAID DWYN, JOEY ) as well as more tender and ‘spacey’ playing ( BRECWAST ASTRONOT, SYD AR GITAR )

On bass is Pete Hurley a stalwart from Y Cynganeddwyr (The Poets ) Geraint’s legendary touring and recording band. Tim Robinson and Sion Orgon fill in the drum stools on the album and this basic band set up gives us natural music that’s full of spark, musicality and emotion.

In addition to the basic group we have a wealth of contributions by musicans that represent the old and the new traditions that can be found within the Welsh music scene – with rising star Gareth Bonello ( The Gentle Good) providing amazing atmospheric playing on standout tracks such as DWR OER Y FYNWENT. Whilst folk titan Sian James is bewitching on vocals and harp on the future classic BRETHYN CARTREF . Whilst the highly respected Ian Lawrence grounds a lot of the tracks with his magical pedal steel playing. New Welsh pop stars Meilyr Jones ( Racehorses ) and Griff Lynch ( The Ods ) and Huw M pop up all over the album contributing fresh and idiosyncratic performances to the tracks. With the vocal icing on the cake coming from the sweet female voices of Geraint’s three daughters Lisa, Hanna and Mared on backing vocals.

The man responsible for the recording, engineering and co-producing the album is Frank Naughton ( Original member of the pioneering u-ziq and main member of Cardiff rock-oddballs Rocket Gold Star) and the album was wholly recorded at Frank’s busy and influential Ty Drwg Studios in Cardiff. Frank and Geraint have worked together beautifully with Frank coaxing a warm and clear sound that places Geraint’s distinctive voice ‘centre stage’.

When we think of the album as a whole we can hear obvious Jarman type radio hits – MISS ASBRI , LLINYN ARIAN , BRETHYN CARTREF – and the emotional narratives – JOEY, ROMEO. But there are also songs on here that show us new sides to his songwriting and singing – BRECWAST ASTRONOT, DWR OER Y FYNWENT,NOS SADWRN BACH – As well as songs that offer teasing glimpse into Geraint’s unique autobioography with the extraordianry narrative expounded on in SYD AR GUTAR ( Syd on the guitar ) which narrates the true story of the time Geraint lived with Syd Barret and Meic Stephens at Meic’s rural idyll Caer Foriog in the heady days of 1969. A uniqe eye-witness sighting of a man now totally parodied into legend – in this song Geraint sets him out once again as human being not quite lost to the world yet but with the world already slowly encroaching on his soul. We also get autobiographical insights on the two songs on the album specifically about Geraint’s long term musical partner, the much missed rock guitarist Tich Gwilym who tragicall died in a fire in 2005, on the tracks BREUDDWYD AR Y BRYN ( THE DREAM ON THE HILL ) a BALED Y TICH A’R TAL ( The Ballad of the the Tich and the Tall.)

It’s been too long since we had a new album from such a massive talent as Geraint and this album makes it clear that his song writing skills are undimmed and as relevant now as in any time in the past forty years.