Various Artists – Docfeistr
Release date – 01/12/2009

Can it have finally have made it’s way onto dry land ? The facts are clear – Yes! The DOCFEISTR has arrived and is among us.

Gruff Meredith and Deian ap Rhisiart’s long gestating project which tells the story of the mysterious water borne Docfeistr character is about to crash land in your local record shop.

Gruff Meredith says “Creating and producing the Docfeistr album has been a long and twisting escapade, battered by cross winds and freak weather. But at last its a substantial joy for all involved to be able to report the release of Docfeistr on the Ankstmusik label and to reassure that it will be worth the precious pounds that you are possibly considering spending on it.”

Deian ap Rhisiart adds “the Docfeistr has been a sinister presence in my life for six years and it is time to break free of his influence. It is a project that grown to encompass the contributions of many, many people over the years and without this input the project would not exist – and we thank them for their willing participation.”

The Album

This is Docfeistr, the album – the story of a troublesome character from the sea – which has been woven with 34 unique tracks by Welsh language artists and bands: Gruff Rhys, Bryn Fon, Yr Ods, Mr Phormula, Dyl Mei, MC Mabon and Mr Huw to name but a few… The Stilletoes, MC Saizmundo, Y Thongs, Y Bandana, Brochfael Barfog and Dr Tray being other examples of the unique contributions to the album.
Docfeistr (roughly translated as harbour master or master of the dock) was produced by Gruff Meredith (MC Mabon) – Deian ap Rhisiart (MC Saizmundo) and Frank Naughton (U~ziq / Rocket Gold Star) at Ty Drwg Studios, Cardiff, Wales over a period of six years between 2003 and late 2009. The tracks were recorded in various locations in Wales and England and include contributions from over fifty individuals, with a brilliant contribution by actor Rhodri Evan (Scrum 4, Cowbois Ac Injans, Con Passionate) providing the narrative that runs through the album in his own special way.
The album itself grew into a bit of a monster as more and more new songs arrived and the album grew bigger and took on new nuances. After six years from its initial conception the project had to be brought to an end before it spiralled out of control and destroyed everyone and everything in its path like a demented Large Hadron Collider.

What is Docfeistr ?

No one is quite sure where the Docfeistr came from or why he exists. The great unstable and fickle sea is said to be his main haunt but every now and then he is driven by the need to travel to the mainland so that he can conquer the still and static land and carry out random and unnecessary destruction. But every journey inland raises new questions for the people of the mainland and to the Docfeistr himself. Questions about existence and matter itself. Questions that either save or destroy those who find the answers.